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5 of the 6 largest financial institutions in Canada use Portfolio Plus.

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Using our banking software, our clients, such as RBC, CIBC, and Scotiabank have managed millions of accounts. And not just banks. Our software is used by credit unions, automotive lenders, mortgage companies, trust companies, and more. It's even used for government lending programs. If you're looking for software to help you lend, collect, or manage money, you're in the right place. We love innovation and innovators. We love that one of the world's largest eyecare companies, Specsavers, created a visionary way to manage the finances in their 1,649 stores located around the world using Portfolio Plus banking software. They continue to impress us.

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There are various license models available depending on your business needs and forecast. Interested in learning more about our licensing options?

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FinTech Software

We've been delivering FinTech software to help our customers disrupt their markets since 1988.

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You just can't throw money at banking software vendors. You need a disciplined approach to guarantee success. Our track record speaks for itself.

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Plug-In Banking Architecture

Plug-In Banking is all about starting with the financial software you need today and adding more functionality as you grow or take advantage of market opportunities. We designed our software to be as flexible as possible.

Diagram depicting banking software architecture.

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