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About Strategic Information Technology (SIT)

· 5 of the 6* Largest Financial Institutions in Canada use Portfolio PlusTM

· Core Banking, Plug-In BankingTM, Treasury, Cash Management, Investments

· Loans, Mortgages, Term Deposits, Integrated Accounting

· For Trust Companies, Retail & Virtual Banks, Credit Unions, Building Societies


   * by market capitalization


Banking Software is where we Started. But Something Changed.

Depticting Banking Software in the Cloud.

Banking software is where we started. But our customers wanted more. Lots more. So we built more. So in addition to core banking software that helps manage billions in loans, investments, retail banking, mobile banking, and term deposits, we've added debt collection software, asset leasing software, consumer and mortgage origination software, and commercial loan origination software, and dozens more products and industry interfaces. Our products are used by banks, credit companies, treasury departments, collection departments, insurance companies, leasing companies, mortgage companies, trust companies, credit unions, and more.

Our product list can overwhelm. But there's a very easy answer. Just give us a call at 647-496-6202 and we'll listen to your business challenge(s) and put you in touch with the right industry rep. It's really that simple.

Asset Financing Software. Leasing Software. Administration. Remarketing.

Chances are that if something can be financed or leased, our Portfolio Plus software can manage the process. After all, it has thirty years or so of experience. And so do we. You learn a thing or two when you've financed billions of dollars of assets.

Virtually anything that can be purchased can be administered by our financing software or leasing software. Planes, trains, and automobiles. Boats. Buildings. Railway cars. Plastic surgery. Software. Virtually anything you can purchase can be financed or leased. And our software can help you with refinancing, remarketing the asset, and more. Call us at 647-496-6202.

The functionality of Portfolio Plus banking software continues to expand, on a daily basis. Portfolio Plus includes modules for loans, term deposits, investments, retail banking, point-of-sale (POS), ATM, web banking, accounting, and more. Need to integrate with other banking systems? No problem. You can always utilize the advanced XML and messaging capabilities of Portfolio Plus to ensure you can bring your legacy systems into the future.

When you combine Portfolio Plus banking software with our preferred services you could achieve "market breakthrough" results like many of our customers have.


SIT's market leadership is, in effect, proven by the market leadership of our customers.


Market Leaders & Innovators Use Portfolio Plus

Manulife, General Bank, and Equitable Bank are market leaders. They have made a difference. They're also SIT business partners. They've managed to differentiate themselves in a market that is filled with commodity products. This says a lot about their courage, vision, and know-how. It also says a lot about SIT and Portfolio Plus.

Proven Business Partnership Success

SIT's approach to the banking software business is all about partnership. We don't want to be just another software vendor. We want to be your business partner. This approach works. We've proven it. So share your vision with us. Tell us how you want to make a difference in your market. Then, let's take action.

Banking software vendors are easy to find. What you need is a great business partner.

Have a look at our banking software products to get a complete sense of what SIT does.

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