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D+H Expert Interface

Software interface for automating mortgage broker applications in Canada.

Portfolio Plus Interface for D+H Expert.

D+H Expert (formally known as Filogix) is the dominant platform used to automate mortgage broker applications in Canada. This web-based platform enables mortgage professionals to submit applications to multiple financial institutions electronically. Unlike years ago, when mortgage brokers had to fill out multiple application forms for multiple lending companies, D+H Expert allows the mortgage broker to input the application data once, and then shop that application around to different lending companies. With D+H Expert, mortgage professionals can receive pricing, terms, conditions, and funding approval from multiple lenders rapidly and efficiently.

Automated mortgage originations.

With SIT's Portfolio Plus Interface for D+H Expert, financial institutions can now receive and process mortgage applications from D+H electronically without ever retyping the same information.

Eliminate data-entry.

Eliminating data-entry in the loan origination process has two advantages for lenders. For starters, the lender doesn't have to re-key the application information. This reduces the chances of any errors being introduced. Not having to re-key information also saves time. The Portfolio Plus Interface for D+H Expert can load mortgage applications in a matter of seconds.

Ask any couple who's buying a house. Or ask any mortgage broker who's working with them. A speedy turnaround on mortgage application approvals makes everybody happy.

Mortgage application retrieval.

The Portfolio Plus Interface continuously checks to see if there are any mortgage applications waiting to be downloaded from D+H Expert. This near real time process ensures there's no waiting time and that no applications will be missed.

Once the Portfolio Plus Interface retrieves a mortgage application, all the information is transferred from the D+H Expert platform, through SIT's Open Banking Interface, and then into Portfolio Plus.

Focus on underwriting

With a more efficient application process, underwriters will have more free time. And that extra time means your business will benefit from a more focused approach to credit analysis. Let your underwriters concentrate on underwriting.


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