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SIT Advantage

A portal for SIT customers only.

The access to SIT Advantage is restricted to licensed SIT customers. Be aware that all access to SIT Advantage is tracked so as to comply with our own internal auditing standards and the auditing standards in the financial industry.

Resources for you.

The SIT Advantage website is for SIT customers to obtain service packs, get regulatory information, tax updates, look up the status of any work requests, and more. Advantage also offers productivity helpers like sample Office Link letters, Prospector reports, and more.

Service packs.

Three times a year (January, May and September), SIT issues a Service Packs which are, in essence, a group of all outstanding updates for the Portfolio Plus software you currently have installed. Service packs are not applicable to all SIT customers.

SIT Nomenclature: The "Work Request"

At SIT we manage all changes to software by something we call a Work Request. In sophisticated software circles, a Work Request might also be called a "change set" because it can handle dependencies between various programs and is intelligent about what you have installed already. Each Work Request gets a unique I.D., whether it involves one program or dozens. This allows SIT and you to know exactly where you are, from a version perspective, while also tracking the degree of control that regulators and auditors require in the financial services industry.


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Monitoring & Reporting

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