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Software for producing cheques easily and efficiently.

Save executives hours per week.

Have you ever accounted for the amount of time some of your highest paid executives are spending signing cheques? As you grow, this becomes a significant burden and a distraction. Cheque Link automates the cheque creation process with all the security and approvals you need, performed in a few clicks of a mouse.

Usability features.

Easy to Use | Software can be used in automated or manual mode.

Security | Access to the system is granted with the use of an eToken (readerless smart card). Release of signatures for printing also can be performed with the eToken.

User Interface | User interface is modernized to appeal to Microsoft Office users.

Audit Trail | Cheque printing activity is recorded for later reporting or system tracking purposes.

Printing Features

Paper Sizes | Letter, Legal, and A4 supported.

Continuation Page Printing | Cheques can overflow to a continuation page that can be printed optionally on standard paper.

Bank Account Definition | Unlimited number of bank accounts supported.

Cheque Copies | Cheque copies can be printed to a non-MICR printer on standard paper, suppressing the signatures and MICR encoding for filing purposes.

Troy® MICR Printer Support | Utilize the security features of Troy printers, including the printer resident MICR font, jam recovery, and MICR cartridge detection features.

Cheque Grouping and Sorting | Cheques may be grouped and sorted during manual printing.

Detection Features | Previously printed cheques and cheques requiring manual signing are detected.

Secure Cheque Printing.

Virtually any laser printer equipped with cheque paper and a MICR toner cartridge can be used with Cheque Link. Extra security features can also be enabled, as required. These features include extra cheque signatures for cheques above a certain limit and mandatory magnetic card swipes (hardware dependent).

Diagram depicting how office link is used to print banking correspondence using Microsoft Word templates.

Audit Controls.

Audit controls are a critical feature of Cheque Link. As such, audit data is available for all cheque requests regardless of mode (manual or automated). This audit data is made available using a standard cheque register report.

Talk to SIT before you purchase a printer.

Please talk to SIT first before you purchase a printer that will be used with Cheque Link.


Monitoring & Reporting

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