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Community Trust Chooses Portfolio Plus Forecaster

Community Trust Chooses Portfolio Plus Forecaster

Toronto, ON, Canada – April 23, 2013: Strategic Information Technology Ltd. (“SIT”) is pleased to announce that Community Trust has chosen Portfolio Plus Forecaster to help quickly identify and manage mismatches in loan and deposit funding.

“Portfolio Plus Forecaster will save us at least two days a month in analysis while also allowing us to perform more frequent mismatch analysis,” says Jeff McDonald, Chief Operating Officer of Community Trust. “This helps minimize risk and increase financial performance, which benefits all of our customers.”

“It was a pleasure working with Community Trust while they evaluated and proved the benefits of Portfolio Plus Forecaster,” said G. Robert Leeming. “Our next step is to enhance Portfolio Plus Forecaster to simulate potential financial scenarios.”

About Community Trust

Since it opened its doors in 1975, Community Trust has been proud to operate as a flexible alternative to larger, traditional, financial institutions, providing customers with an opportunity for growth and success. Community Trust offers a wide range of financial products and trust services, and the Community Trust team prides itself in providing the right products to suit customers' unique needs.

Community Trust Company is a privately held Canadian financial institution, and is regulated through the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI).

About SIT

SIT, formed in 1988, develops and markets Portfolio Plus, an extensible banking system enabling customers to plug in new functionality as required. This is accomplished via SIT's unique Plug-In BankingTM architecture and a Financial Services BusTM that extends Portfolio Plus functionality to other corporate applications. SIT's banking software enables banks and non-banks to offer web banking, loans, loan securitization, investments, term deposits, wealth management, retail, ATM/POS switch interfaces for debit/credit or loyalty products, leasing, Equifax and Trans Union credit bureau reports, registered investment products, and much more. Portfolio Plus can also be tailored, on request, to meet specific customer requirements.

SIT can be reached at (http://www.stratinfotech.com) or by phone at 905-640-0808.

Portfolio Plus, Plug-In Banking, and Financial Services Bus are trademarks or registered trademarks of SIT in the U.S., Canada, and other countries. Any other trademarks or service marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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