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Enliven Selects SIT's Banking Software for Its Unique Cloud and Mobile Underwriting Platform

Toronto, ON, Canada - June 15, 2015: Strategic Information Technology Ltd. ("SIT") is pleased to announce that Enliven, a soon-to-launch alternative source of finance for financially responsible Canadians, has selected SIT's Portfolio Plus banking software platform to power its online personal and home equity loan offerings.

"The lending industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobile computing," says Monty Qureshi, CEO of Enliven. "We are building a new cloud-based end-to-end loan administration platform. The integration of our platform with SIT's real-time banking software has made it possible to deliver a reliable and secure cloud-based alternative to traditional bank lending—giving Canadians convenient and affordable access to credit they may not otherwise get."

Serving as the technological foundation for its proprietary underwriting process, SIT's software allows Enliven to automate and simplify the origination and underwriting process and fund loans under one robust and secure platform. With its integrated cloud and mobile platforms, Enliven is disrupting the lending ecosystem with an innovative approach that serves those Canadians who are currently underserved by traditional banking institutions.

"We are thrilled to be a part of Enliven's vision to bring the fastest possible loan origination solution to market on a variety of mobile platforms," said Chris Buck, CEO of SIT. "The ability to quickly adapt and integrate any mobile platform with Portfolio Plus highlights the superior design of our Open Banking Interface."

SIT's Portfolio Plus is used today by finance companies, banks, trust companies, credit unions, and other financial organizations to originate and administer financial products, including loans, leases, term deposits, investments, retail banking, and more.

About Enliven

Launching in 2015, Enliven is an online lending platform that provides Canadians an alternative source of finance with better borrowing options. Built on the belief that financially responsible people deserve access to low-interest credit, Enliven provides convenient and affordable access to funds--when others fail to comprehensively evaluate the full financial picture. Enliven offers the lowest possible rates by using its technology to understand every applicant's unique financial situation and offers flexible and personalized loan options to live on your terms.

Founded in 2014, Enliven is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For more information, please visit www.WeEnliven.com.

About Strategic Information Technology

SIT, formed in 1988, develops and markets Portfolio Plus, which is used by financial companies in Canada, the UK, Ireland, and the Caribbean. SIT's banking software enables credit unions, banks, trust companies, and credit companies to offer online banking, mortgages, loans, credit options, investments, term deposits, retail banking, floor plan management, and more.

SIT's Open Banking Interface, offered with Portfolio Plus, is especially suited to those companies who need to move rapidly with a digital strategy.

Portfolio Plus can also be tailored, on request, to meet specific customer requirements.

Visit SIT online at stratinfotech.com or call us at 905-640-0808.

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