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Loan Origination Software

Software automating your loan origination process.

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Improve your origination process.

Speed is the criteria that most origination systems are judged by. But speed without effective underwriting and team management is useless. Portfolio Plus enables you to produce the mortgage, lease, and loan financing deals you need, in the most profitable manner possible. With Originator you can do better financing deals—and you can do them faster.

Your own custom underwriting decision engine.

You can design your own custom underwriting decision engine based on virtually any criteria including demographics, credit bureaus, asset types, and more. Or you can use a third party underwriting decision engine like Equifax iDecision.

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Web-based so you can deploy on any device.

Originator uses a web interface which means you can deploy your origination system globally, anywhere the internet is available, using any device like a computer, iPhone, Android device, or a tablet.

You can also give agents and brokers secure and limited access to Originator so they can submit applications and review the status of any deals they have with you.

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Originate more than loans and mortgages.

With Portfolio Plus Originator you can originate virtually any financial instrument you want, including loans, mortgages, commercial mortgages, car leases, retail accounts, and more. You get the benefit of using an origination tool that can be integrated with a banking class financial system.

Operate as a team.

With Originator you get to see how your team is operating at a glance so you can step in and re-assign resources where necessary.

Originator will tell you the status of all applications and the deal amounts of those applications.

Simplify the origination process.

Step 1: The Application.

Applications for financing can come from a number of different sources today. An application may come from a third-party system with a proprietary interface like D+H Expert* or DealerTrack*, or it may be input directly by one of your employees. In any case, Portfolio Plus Originator compiles the initial data and lets you input more data, if required, to complete any given application.

* SIT recommends that you form a direct relationship with any third parties before you begin any business planning or new product roll out.

Step 2: Application Assignment.

With Portfolio Plus Originator, you have numerous ways to fulfill applications. Originator gives you complete control. You can assign applications to underwriters or pick up applications on the system. You even have the ability to define levels of administrative control to let your managers assign financing applications to staff. So when underwriters are away their workload is reassigned and the application process is uninterrupted.


Step 3: Automated Underwriting.

Originator's automated underwriting feature allows you to consider the most important data when making your financing decisions, including:

  • Guarantor
  • GDS and LTV
  • Bankruptcy
  • Credit Score
  • Length with Employer
  • Net Worth
  • Time at Current Address
  • Total Income

The Offer Page provides underwriters with a pass or fail decision on the application.

Checklists are used to ensure all relative collateral material and information is collected before a financing deal can be approved. You can customize checklists to suit your organization's needs.


Step 4: Closing the Deal.

Once you decide to underwrite a loan, mortgage, or a lease, you need to produce the documents required to close the deal. Portfolio Plus Originator includes Office Link, which is a powerful document generator that can produce automated letters, such as:

  • Letters of Commitment
  • Lawyers Instructions
  • Disbursement of Funds
  • Advances

Step 5. Commitment and Funding.

Commitment is the final stage of Originator where an organization commits to financing a deal. Portfolio Plus Originator can then upload the data into a loan administration system using a particular data format that is suited to the target system.

Details and Specifications

Loan Origination Software


  • Equifax
  • Equifax iDecision
  • DealerTrack
  • Canadian Black Book
  • Car Proof
  • CMHC - Emili
  • PPSA Canada
  • D+H Expert (Davis and Henderson)
  • Custom XML Interface to Third Parties
  • Portfolio Plus

Origination Types

  • Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Auto Loans
  • Auto Leasing
  • Line of Credit
  • Consumer Loans
  • Commercial Loans
  • Retail Accounts
  • RRSP Loans

Application Status

  • In Progress
  • Pending Assignment
  • Under Review
  • Pre-Approved
  • Approved
  • Deferred
  • Declined


  • Applications by Status
  • Cancelled Applications
  • Applications by User
  • Commitments
  • Applications by Source
  • Outcome of Applications


  • Letters of Commitment
  • Lawyers Instructions
  • Disbursement of Funds
  • Advances

Monitoring & Reporting

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