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SIT Announces Instant Credit Check Using XML Messaging for TransUnion and Equifax Reporting

Toronto, Canada - February 14, 2004: Portfolio Plus Software - Strategic Information Technology Limited ("SIT") announces that it has begun delivery of its new instant credit bureau access capability. Equifax and Trans Union now support XML message-based access and response.

Portfolio Plus is the first banking software system to take advantage of XML instant access for full credit bureau reporting. This leading edge XML messaging technology uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol over an internet connection. SSL ensures that the credit bureau information being transmitted remains secure. This expertise enables more prompt, reliable and accurate delivery of service for the credit reports to financial institutions.

"To our knowledge we have the first implementation of this messaging capability which allows not only instant access to the full credit report including credit scores, but makes it available full time to better facilitate instant automated credit and loan approval as supported by Portfolio Plus", says G. Robert Leeming, SIT president.

SIT is making this capability available to all its customers as an add-on "Plus" module for the Portfolio Plus suite of products.

For further information contact:

Patrick Lannigan
Strategic Information Technology
Telephone: 905-640-0808 x356
Email: patrickl@stratinfotech.com


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