On Demand Testing

Software for replicating, simulating & testing banking technologies, platforms & systems.

Get environments on demand.

Our industry is obsessed with testing. This is good. But sometimes you run out of environments in which to conduct your tests. That's where VAST (VIrtual Assurance Server Technology) can come in handy. SIT provides these environments to help you test. As much as you want. This is a cost effective approach to ensure maximum quality.

How can SIT help?

Using our Virtual Assurance Server Technology (VAST), we can quickly set up and pre-configure internal software and hardware to simulate your banking system for external testing on our premises.

Worried about privacy? We’ve got that covered, too. Our InfoCloak product scrambles all private information and leaves the financial details, product numbers, and account numbers untouched. You also have the power to specify exactly how you want things scrambled. All access is provided by secure communication.

So if you’re having issues configuring and deploying test environments within your organization, consider SIT’s VAST. It won’t negate the need for testing. It just makes it easier.

What is VAST?

VAST is a cloud-based virtual banking system replicated from your specific Portfolio Plus platform. VAST environments will allow you to create and test new banking products, modify existing products, work with new regulatory modifications, and experiment with business processes. And it’s hosted on SIT’s premises so if something goes wrong, SIT has easy access to make any corrections. In addition, VAST resources can be expanded or reduced as per your needs.


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